Davide Santangelo

developer - dad. In love with #ruby, #rails and #react - developer at @chorally

Foggia, Italy
Available for hire

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Ruby gem to inspect completely a web page. It scrapes a given URL, and returns you its meta, links, images more.
This service allows you to transform RSS feed into an awesome API.
A tiny Ruby wrapper around Hunter (former EmailHunter) API (https://hunter.io/)
Twitter Unfollower Notification Service. Keep track when someone unfollow you on Twitter.
This is a Ruby wrapper library around the API provided by REST Countries http://restcountries.eu
simple API for encrypt/decrypt text
Ruby 8 0
simple search interface around FEEDI API.
JavaScript 6 1
This is a Ruby wrapper library around the API provided by Geoplugin (http://www.geoplugin.com).
Ruby 5 1
Simple fetching data from GitHub API with react and axios.
JavaScript 4 2
rails app for web scraping purposes. It scrapes a given page (by the URL), and returns you all informations about that page.
Ruby 3 1
This is a Rails implementation of "Conway's Game of Life." Conway's game is a mathematical simulation where cells live or die based on certain rules.
Ruby 3 5
A new and alternative interface to Hacker News
Ruby 2 0

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.